Mona 2017 Theme

Social Work Education, Policy & Practice: Engaging People, Challenging Structures, Advancing Sustainable Development

Social Work Education Stream

  • Professional identities
  • The competence debate
  • Developing skills for and commitment to facilitating change
  • Generalist or specialist: a false dichotomy?
  • University-community relationships: who benefits?
  • Field education: objectives and processes
  • New approaches to teaching “core” subjects

Social Work Policy & Practice Stream

  • Affording humane settlements
  • Sustaining and sustainable communities
  • Designing and delivering services in low resource settings
  • Violence in the home, school & community
  • Migration: responding to impacts at home and abroad
  • Aging: the emerging crisis
  • Trends and developments in work with selected populations
  • Advocating for and with the vulnerable & excluded
  • Regulating Practice
  • The state of Social Work in the Caribbean
Since 1993 the Association of Caribbean Social Work Educators (ACSWE) has collaborated with Caribbean universities and other organisations to successfully host this premier activity for social work educators and practitioners in the region. Read more
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