Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 11


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Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 11

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Barbados Social Work Workforce Study Karen A. Ring
Sharen Carmichael

Social Work Practice Issues

How do Jamaica’s Unattached Youth view their Career Prospects and Life Skills?
Re-published from Comparative Education Review, 56(3)
Terrill F. Saxon
Darrell M. Hull
Danielle D. Fearon
Lincoln O. Williams
Jimmy K. Tindigarukayo

Youth Welfare Issues

Towards Modernising Residential Care in the Caribbean: lessons from
Trinidad and Tobago
Michele Sogren
Adele Jones

Child Welfare Issues

Domain Risk Factors and Childhood Victimization in Guyana Letroy Cummings (115-138)

Child Welfare Issues

Ambiguous Loss: A Conceptual Framework for Addressing the Needs of
Caribbean Children
Mona Dillon (139-168)

Child Welfare Issues

Needs of the Older Population in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Peggy L. McFarland (169-188)

Other Topics

How Jamaican Women Experience Expectations of “Finding a Man” and Bearing
Children: A Comparative Case Study of Two Professional Social Workers
Cerita S. Buchanan (189-211) Women’s Issues In The Caribbean And The Diaspora
Rights and Reintegrating Deported Jamaicans for National Development Bernard Headley
Michael D. Gordon

Correctional/Rehabilitative Programmes

Lear Matthews ed., English-speaking Caribbean Immigrants:
Transnational Identities
Dianne Drachman (244-248)


Eva Forde, How NOT to Practice Social Work: Saving good people from Bad Practice
One step at a time
Lita Allen (249-253)

Social Work Practice Issues

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