Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 03


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Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 3

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The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children in Trinidad & Tobago. Jennifer Holder Dolly
Michele Sogren

Social & Domestic Violence

Exposure to Community Violence and Psychological Distress: Experiences of
Jamaican and Black American College Students
Beth Rosenthal
W. Cody Wilson
Trisho Baboolal

Social & Domestic Violence

In the Aftermath of Elder-Homicide: Coping Patterns and Recovery Issues for
Surviving Kin. An Illustrative Study of Rural Jamaica
Annette Mahoney (38–56)

Social & Domestic Violence

Haitian Immigrants in the United States: Intergenerational Trauma
Transmission, Adaptation and Ethnic Identity
Jeffrey Yarvis
Miriam Sabin
Larry Nackerud
Kavita Pandit
(57–73) Migration
Children’s Experiences of Separation from Parents as a Consequence of
Adele Jones
Michele Sogren
Jacqueline Sharpe
(74–88) Migration
A Caribbean Perspective on Spirituality in Social Work Practice P. Philip Tan
Sylvester Bowie
Grace Orpilla

Socio-Cultural And Psycho-Social Issues

The Relationship between Loss and Repeat Teenage Pregnancy in Two Cultures Jean Clarke (110–127)

Youth Welfare Issues

Participatory Learning and Action versus Rothman’s Modes of Intervention Horace Levy (128–141)

Community Work

Creating Connections for International Learning through Distance Education
Technologies: A Caribbean–USA Demonstration Effort.
Thomas Felke
Lynne Healy

Social Work Practice Issues

Glenford Howe and Alan Cobley, The Caribbean AIDS Epidemic (2000) Geof Brown (159–162) HIV / AIDS
Since 1993 the Association of Caribbean Social Work Educators (ACSWE) has collaborated with Caribbean universities and other organisations to successfully host this premier activity for social work educators and practitioners in the region. Read more
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