Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 05


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Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 5

Title Author(s) Pages Category
Montserrat: A Study of Caribbean Resilience Karen Ring
Sharon Carmichael

Disaster Management

‘De Day We See Wind in Grenada’: Community Level Incident Debriefing
through Playback Theatre
Tracie Rogers (29–39)

Disaster Management

Caribbean National Disasters: Coping with Personal Loss and Recovery among
Flood Victims in Guyana
Lear Matthews (40–60)

Disaster Management

Adolescent Girls, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS in Barbados: The Case for
Reconfiguring Research and Policy.
Christine Barrow (62–80)

Youth Welfare Issues

Post-Traumatic Stress and Depression among Sexually and Physically Abused
Children Placed in Residential Care Facilities in Trinidad.
Steve Rollocks (81–90)

Child Welfare Issues

Outcome of Caregivers Interruption among Jamaican Youth. Fred Elliott-Hart
Tim Rehner
Lisa Avery

Youth Welfare Issues

Contributing Factors to Staying in Abusive Relationships: Afro-Caribbean
Women in Trinidad & Tobago
Linda Hadeed (106–121)

Social & Domestic Violence

Mental Illness and West Indian Women in the Supplemental Food Programme
for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) in a North-Eastern American State:
Beliefs about Causes, Health Care Utilization and Depressive Symptomatology
Barris P. Malcolm
Brenda Kurz

Women’s Issues In The Caribbean And The Diaspora

Policy Needs of Older Canadian-Caribbean Women: A Long-Term Case
Delores Mullings (143–158)

Women’s Issues In The Caribbean And The Diaspora

The Need for Social Intervention in the Young for the Control of Obesity:
A Study of College Students Enrolled in one of the Historically Black Colleges
and Universities in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the USA.
Terracita Powell
Sylvan Alleyne
Soleman Abu-Bader
David Graham

Youth Welfare Issues

Jaipaul Roopnarine and Janet Brown, Caribbean Families: Diversity among
Ethnic Groups (1997)
Geof Brown (175–180)

Caribbean Families

Since 1993 the Association of Caribbean Social Work Educators (ACSWE) has collaborated with Caribbean universities and other organisations to successfully host this premier activity for social work educators and practitioners in the region. Read more
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