Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 06 & 07


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Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 6&7

Title Author(s) Pages Category
The New World Order, Scarcity and Injustice: Social Work Fights Back Lena Dominelli (6–15) Globalization
Social Work Education in the Era of Globalization Vishanthie Sewpaul (16–35) Globalization
Social Violence, Psycho-Social Consequences and Considerations for Social
Work Intervention (with major reference to Guyana and Jamaica)
Annette Mahoney
Lear Matthews

Social & Domestic Violence

Intersectionality, Gender and Race in Women’s Experience of Domestic
Violence: their Application to Post-Colonial Trinidad
Kendra Pitt (58–82)

Women’s Issues In The Caribbean And The Diaspora

Capturing the Concerns of Male Social Work Students in Barbados Errol Bolden
Jomo Phillips
Isaiah Marshall Jnr.

Social Work Practice Issues

Asset-based Programming: an Innovative Social Intervention for Young
People in Belize
April Bernard (102–121)

Youth Welfare Issues

Core Female Relationships: Survival Strategies for Women Heads of Household
in Tobago
Julia Archer (122–143)

Women’s Issues In The Caribbean And The Diaspora

A Conceptual Analysis of Homophobia and Heterosexism: Experience of Lesbian,
Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered and Questioning People (LGBTQ) in Trinidad
Kamilah Majied (144–166)

Understanding Homophobia

Carnival: Fete or Conflict Michele Sogren
Ruth Parsons

Socio-Cultural And Psycho-Social Issues

Joan Rawlins, Mid-life and Older Women: Family Life, Work and Health in
Jamaica (2006)
Peta-Anne Baker (186–188)

Women’s Issues

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