Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 08 & 09


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Caribbean Journal of Social Work Vol. 8&9

Title Author(s) Pages Category
Poverty, Inequality and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Caribbean Peta-Anne Baker (11-31)

Disaster Management

Preferences for Conflict Resolution Processes in Trinidad and Tobago Ruth J. Parson
Linda Hadeed
Mary Jane Collier
Karene-Anne Nathaniel

Social Work Practice Issues

Reviewing Participation as a Tool for People Centred Development Sean Ffrench
Shakeisha Wilson

Community Work

Preparing to Practise: An Experiential Laboratory Approach for Beginning
Social Work Students
Lita Allen
Shanika Donalds
Kimberly Hinds
Wendy McLean Cooke

Social Work Practice Issues

Transgressive Realities: A Phenomenological Comparison of Male Practitioners’
Experiences in Two Areas of Social Work Practice in Jamaica
Warren A. Thompson (96-116)

Social Work Practice Issues

Understanding Intimate Partner Murder-Suicide in Guyana: A Content
Analysis of Newspaper Reports, 2003 – 2008
Letroy O. Cummings (117-139)

Social & Domestic Violence

Blowing the Whistle on Organisational Malpractice: A Student Case Study Monique Golding (140-145)

Social Work Practice Issues

Adele D. Jones, Jacqueline A. Padmore, Priya E. Maharaj, HIV-AIDS & Social
Work Practice in the Caribbean: Theory, Issues and Innovation
Brendan Bain (146-148) HIV / AIDS
Christine Barrow, Caribbean Childhood ‘Outside’, ‘Adopted’ or ‘Left Behind’:
‘Good Enough’ Parenting and Moral Families
Janet Brown (149-153)

Caribbean Families

Kathleen Valtonen, Social Work and Migration: Immigrant and Refugee Settlement
and Integration
Lynne Healy (154-156)


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