Grenada: Themes

Supporting Sustainable Social Change and Social Justice: Scholarship, policy and emancipatory human services

This year’s theme embraces core concerns of contemporary social work philosophy and practice, those of sustainability, social change and social justice. It recognises the need for social workers to re-imagine and refocus our energies to engage or deepen our contribution to scholarship, policy making and service delivery informed by these perspectives.

Submissions should address the conference theme in some way and/or any of the following sub-themes. They should reflect the realities of the Caribbean, its Diaspora or similar socio-political and cultural contexts.

Sub Themes

Social Policy and Legislation

  • Dynamism and change in contemporary social policy
  • Social policy & social participation during the People’s Revolutionary Government regime (1979-1983) in Grenada
  • Sustainable social change and social policy integration
  • Social work engagement in development policy design and implementation

Professionalization & Social Work Education

  • Distance and online learning modes of delivery in social work education
  • Innovations in social work education
  • The practicum: learning in and from the field
  • Developing a scholarly tradition in developing country contexts
  • Accreditation, registration and licensure
  • Social work organisations, organizing social workers

Service design & delivery

  • Child protection & child development
  • Youth and young adults
  • Aging and the aged
  • Services for the differently abled
  • Meeting the needs of workers in the workplace
  • Building sustainable communities
  • Fields of practice & models of intervention – innovations and effectiveness


Critical research, policy & practice

  • Spirituality, religion & religiosity
  • Gender Based Violence – working with the perpetrators
  • Male marginalisation? Myth or reality?
  • Women’s rights & gendered roles
  • Race, colour, self-image, identity & liberation
  • Sexuality and sexual identity
  • Governance and participation


Globalization and Social Work

  • Social work in the international arena – advocacy & activism
  • The movement of people – voluntary and involuntary
  • Human Rights – making the global local
  • Social change and social justice in a globalized world – social work interventions
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